After a long day of work, you sit down, boot up your gaming laptop and feel the lazy click of the keys under your fingers. The competitive match for your favorite game begins. As the game wears on, the keys feel a little out of reach, just a hair too slow, and before you know it, you’ve lost. It happens again, and again. It isn’t the performance of the machine. It isn’t the refresh rate of the display or the lag. Your fingers know though; it’s the keyboard. You’re not doing as well as your desktop counterparts because they have mechanical keyboards and you don’t.
That changes with the IdeaPad™ Y900. No longer do you have to compromise your competitive experience. Here are three reasons why the precision of Lenovo™’s IdeaPad Y900’s mechanical keyboard will save you in your next match:
1.     Improved Accuracy: First off, we highlighted the WASD keys and made the backlit keyboard fully customizable so it’s easier to find keys when gaming in the dark. But we also went a step further. With the IdeaPad Y900’s mechanical keyboard, you receive physical, tactile feedback with every action. That tactile feedback translates greater awareness of your actions and more precision with your keystrokes. Shots fire where you expect them to and characters move when you want them to. Simply, mechanical keys and the switches under them ensure you don’t slip up and mash the wrong key during a critical moment in the game. Your fingers will land exactly where they mean to, on keys that feel distinct.

2.     Greater Speed: Move too slow and you miss an opportunity for the perfect shot. Too fast and you disrupt your strategy. Fractions of a second matter in competitive play, and if your opponent can perform more actions than you in a MOBA or an RTS, you are at a disadvantage. Using the IdeaPad Y900’s mechanical keyboard, you’ll be the one with the split-second advantage, even when you are using a gaming laptop. Add in 100% anti-ghosting capabilities (capped at three keys) and every key you hit is recognized. Thanks to your keyboard, split-second delays will be a thing of the past.

3.     Feel Better:  The tactile feedback from an IdeaPad Y900’s mechanical, backlit keyboard provides greater immersion into virtual worlds. Be it when you fire a weapon, or do anything else. Each action you make feels more intentional and delivers a physical response that brings every game to life.

Mechanical keyboards are something that desktop gamers have enjoyed for decades, but have been largely absent from the gaming laptop experience. Thanks to the IdeaPad Y900 and its integrated, precise mechanical keyboard, you no longer have to compromise your gaming experience just because you prefer using a laptop.
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