Storm Chasing Update

I blogged last year about my experiences with the CSWR (Center for Severe Weather Research) “storm chasing” team and our ThinkPad T400s. When I rode along with them, I abused a T400s notebook in the rain, dropped it, and then finally crushed it with a 10,000 lb. truck.  It was a lot of fun, but not a lot of practical value to the CSWR team, other than to give them confidence that the hardware we provided to them was tough. Based on our conversations with the team, we thought that a brand new Lenovo product, the ThinkCentre M90z would be an ideal fit to aid their data analysis. If you watch the brief video below, you’ll get a glimpse of the ThinkCentre M90z which we will announce next week.  Dr. Wurman talks about how the CSWR team is using the M90z in their research in a phone interview narration. Notice the large display and how the team is using the built in touch screen technology to help zoom into relevant parts of their RADAR images.  Since the machine is part of our M90 Series desktop family, you definitely can expect the same level of technology, reliability, and manageability that we’re known for, just in a more compact, integrated, and integrated package. The team is most excited that the year’s tornado season is much better than last year.  They were frustrated that their team only managed to get good data on one tornado.  In contrast, this year finds them up to their eyeballs in storms.

You might be interested in these photos as well.  The team left a ThinkPad X201 in a briefcase on top of a DOW.  It went flying off at 70 MPH in the midst of a wind/rain storm.  The briefcase was badly damaged, but it was no problem for the ThinkPad inside.