Stories of ingenuity and innovation from ThinkPad users across the globe

Many inventors can tell you about how they went from zero to one. With great excitement, they can detail those late nights in the lab, the trash can full of discarded sketches, and the euphoria of finally bringing their concept to fruition. Yet, as the people profiled inside of this magazine will tell you, the real challenge is going from one to many. How can a design transcend from being an idea in the lab to making an impact in the world? And even more daunting than execution, there’s one question that picks at the brain of all restless creators — what’s next?

These are the stories of 14 diverse, driven innovators who never stopped pushing the limits of technology. Though their projects are entirely unique, from 3D printing artificial limbs to racing wind-powered cars in the Netherlands, a common thread connects them all. Each and every person herein has a knack for finding inspiration in unexpected places, and a wholehearted dedication to making tomorrow better than today.
We at Lenovo are incredibly proud to feature such powerful examples of ingenuity and creativity.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of ThinkPad, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through our robust technology. We’ve always strived to be at the forefront of innovation, and for us that means delivering the best tech to the best minds in the world.

These creators, many of them armed with nothing more than an idea and a ThinkPad, have left us feeling inspired to tackle new challenges with different perspectives — and we think you’ll feel the same.

Flip this magazine to read their inspiring stories or click here to download the PDF. 


Rahil Arora leads Lenovo’s Customer Stories Program.