Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer

ThinkServer RD330

Now where was that...?

Staring at my laptop screen, I seem to ask that question more and more these days.  I know it’s mostly because of the amount of data we seem to need access to, but I can’t help wondering if my age is starting to factor into it too (but that’s a different problem).
Today, businesses both small and large need to access more data - in private clouds, public clouds or your own device,  and often with different interfaces to the information, and IT organizations need to provide access to all this information…many requiring their own logins and passwords of varying degrees of strength – it’s amazing we can get anything done.

Lenovo is now delivering a solution to address all this.  Recently, Lenovo acquired Stoneware, Inc.  A company with innovative technology that makes the complex environment of cloud computing much simpler.  What’s great about this is that a single web-based interface with a single password gets you to all your business applications.  In addition, when working from home many companies also require a VPN – with this solution, no VPN is required. 
Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer supports any device from any location, you can access your business information from a laptop, tablet or even your phone – and the interface is one we are all familiar with – an internet browser.


So now when you get that email from your manager (while on vacation) asking for that data to finish the report for the VP you can simply jump on your phone and get access to the information....and get back to the golf course.  Sometimes technology can be a curse and sometimes it can be life saver (or at least in this case a career saver). 

Lenovo has gone a step further with this by offering a complete solution that includes software, server and licenses in one package – and it’s prices so that it like getting the server for FREE!  We’re also offering cloud ready clients and partnering with Extreme Networks for connectivity.


So now, instead of saying “Where was that?”, or submitting a password reset request, you can just be productive (or focus on your short game).
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