Stickers Do or Stickers Don’t?


Bumper Sticker?

I'm sure everyone knows that if you buy a PC they are adorned with stickers. They usually tout the resident operating system, processor technology, energy rating, broadband connectivity, graphics card technology, etc. etc. etc.   I really don't want to go into the details about why they are there, lets just say there is money involved. The longer you leave them on,  the harder they are to remove. You also run the risk of having the finish that used to be under the sticker look different than the surrounding area due to normal use and wear. If you are like me, the first thing I do is remove all the stickers. Maybe I'm strange. I don't drive around with the manufacturers window sticker on my car . I don't  let the local car dealer badge my car with their cheesy sticker or license plate frame.  I have never even been tempted to slap on a " back off" or other such bumper sticker on my car. I guess I'm a purist. I slowly peel the stickers off my fresh Thinkpad usually starting from a corner. The residual adhesive can normally be lifted by using the freshly peeled sticker as a kind of goo grabber. Dab it repeatedly until all the goo is gone. It works great. I never use a chemical that could risk damage of the finish. I'm curious what others think about these stickers so I started a new poll on this topic.

David Hill