By the Future, For the Future

Did you know what the future held for you when you were 17 or 18 years old? Or were you like me: worried about exams, not knowing which University to apply to or if the University you applied to would even accept you. Well for these three youths from USA, Egypt and India--regional finalists in the YouTube Space Lab competition powered by Lenovo--the questions they had on their minds go way beyond that.

From the USA we have 17-year-old Emerald Bresnahan (above), a black belt Tae Kwan Do expert who dreams of becoming an astrophysicist or, rather, a theoretical cosmologist. As there have been studies showing how the formation of snowflakes is similar to galaxies, her experiment proposes testing how snowflakes form in space in order to understand better the Universe. Like she said, “I would just love to let my mind go free, and to make discoveries without bounds.” I wonder what discoveries she can make in space when given the chance?

Amr Mohamed, who is 18 years old and from Alexandria, Egypt, experienced the turmoil during Egypt’s revolution in January 2011. The mixture of hope and fear that the experience provoked in him and his natural fascination with science has driven him to “work and put effort to develop my country and to see a change in my life.” The first step towards that is representing his country in the Space Lab competition. His proposed experiment is as such: Would a Zebra spider change its hunting behavior due to microgravity? After all, it could be difficult for the spider to jump on its prey while floating in space. Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Finally from Bangalore, India, we have Sachin Kukke, 18, whose dream is to be an astronaut. His experiment proposes understanding how ferrofluids (special magnetic liquids) transfer heat in space, learning how we can, in turn, keep engines cool in airless conditions. Perhaps when we know more about these liquids, we can go deeper into space and even create advanced cooling systems on Earth.

So who do you think the final two global winners will be? We will all know soon. However, no matter who wins, I think these youths are already champions in their own right. And I feel confident that our future will be safe in their hands.

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Michelle Lee is Content Curator for Lenovo Social Media.