Southwest One Saves big with Standardized IT Solution

In communities around the world, there is often much work to be done – from providing adequate security to supporting local events – and few resources to do so. In today’s age of technological efficiencies, many communities are turning to the latest technologies to save money and improve services for their residents. However, not all communities have the necessary resources available to implement these new solutions. 

Fortunately, some thoughtful outside-the-box thinking can help solve the problem. Take the ten-year Southwest One partnership in the United Kingdom, for example, which is a unique joint venture between the local community’s major public and private sector organizations and a technology solutions provider. Formed with Avon and Somerset Police departments, Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council and IBM with Lenovo’s devices, the partnership has provided enduring changes and benefits to the local community beyond just saving money.

Through the partnership, the community sources IBM’s IT and business management expertise to make processes and tools more efficient and standardized, creating more streamlined structures throughout the community with Lenovo’s secure and environmentally friendly technology. With the deployment of Lenovo products, the Southwest One partnership has helped the local community save up to £600,000 through consolidated technology and reduced electricity costs. The entire project is also expected to decrease the community’s carbon footprint by 174 tons while boosting the protection of sensitive data across police departments.

Beyond this, the partnership has also been instrumental in helping the Somerset community improve customer service, increase labor productivity, modernize the way partner organizations work, generate economic development and create better working environments for its citizens as well as more sustainable employment futures for staff. It’s clear this strategic partnership and investment is truly transforming the community and producing a fantastic return.

To learn more about how Lenovo’s technologies are helping to transform the Somerset community, click here [PDF]