Social Super Fan, Thomas Ricke, becomes a ThinkRevolution Innovator!

One of our ThinkRevolution Social Super Fans, Thomas Ricke, has hit the first level of fandom and is now a ThinkRevolution Innovator. Congrats, Thomas!

We want to share a little information about our Social Super Fans as they progress in their quest to become a Revolutionist. Here’s what we learned about Thomas:

Thomas currently lives in Neuss, Germany which sits between the Rhine River and the Western border of Germany (I wiki’d it, it looks like a charming city!). In Neuss, Thomas is a Management Assistant for Elektro Heimanns GmbH.

Like many of our other Social Super Fans, Thomas is somewhat of a Lenovo system hoarder (don’t get us wrong, we love it! #goodweird). At home Thomas currently uses his ThinkPad X61s, Yoga 3 Pro, Yoga11s, and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. He’s retired a few systems: a ThinkPad X22,  ThinkPad X30, ThinkPad T23, ThinkPad T41p, ThinkPad T43, ThinkPad R50,  ThinkPad A31p, ThinkPad 600  and a ThinkPad 570E. When he’s in the office he uses a ThinkPad R400 (he swears he’s pimped it out with 6GB RAM and an SSD).  (Yep that’s a lot of systems...)

Thomas is generally using Microsoft Office and Visio on his systems. He told us that he’s had the opportunity to design a network infrastructure via Visio…pretty cool!

When Thomas isn’t working or using his plethora of Lenovo products, he enjoys mountain bike rides; it’s a good stress reliever especially for those who Never Stand Still. J

We are excited Thomas has joined ThinkRevolution as a Social Super Fan; you’ll see him posting all about Lenovo from @Tom_ZR_Race!