Social Super Fan, Deepak, becomes a ThinkRevolution Innovator!

One of our ThinkRevolution Social Super Fans, Deepak Gupta, has hit the first level of fandom, he is now a ThinkRevolution Innovator. Congrats Deepak!

We want to share a little information about our Social Super Fans as they progress in their quest to become Revolutionist, here’s what we learned about Deepak:

Deepak lives in India and works as a SOLIDWORKS Consultant and Blogger. He is an avid contributor to the SOLIDWORKS Community. He won the Michelle Pillers SWUGN Community award in 2014. He knows his stuff! He currently uses SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight on his workstation. He’s got his eye on a new ThinkPad W550s! We can’t wait to hear all about his ThinkPad experience!

We asked Deepak what was the coolest project he has had the opportunity to work on and he shared that he worked on a wind turbine tailbone animation project for Low-Wind LLC. He just keeps blowing us away!

We are excited Deepak has joined ThinkRevolution as a Social Super Fan, you’ll see him posting all about SOLIDWORKS from @gupta9665!