Social Super Fan, Dave, becomes a ThinkRevolution Innovator!

One of our ThinkRevolution Social Super Fans, Dave Kennedy, has hit the first level of fandom, he is now a ThinkRevolution Innovator. Congrats, Dave!

We want to share a little information about our Social Super Fans as they progress in their quest to become a Revolutionist, here’s what we learned about Dave:

Dave lives in Mission, British Columbia. If you keep an eye on his tweets you’ll see that he posts several awesome pictures of the great outdoors, so you can have a little piece of Mission with you. (that’s Canada eh!)

When Dave isn’t enjoying the great outdoors he is a Support Desk Manager & IT Consultant for Transcendit Ltd in the United Kingdom (he gets up at 5am to work remotely with his team -- 5am!!). He has been in the IT industry since 1996, and has been a computer enthusiast even longer. J Dave loves technology and has been involved in working on several projects, both large and small, with companies such as ICL, Compaq, BT Syntegra/Global, the UK local government, Halifax and O2 UK.

During the last 20 years in IT, Dave has had the chance to work on a lot of cool projects. We asked him about the coolest to date and he said, “I am not sure my projects are ever cool, but the most intensive work my machines perform is hosting several virtualized workstations and servers on Hyper-v for testing and study.” (That IS cool, Dave!)

Dave is definitely a Lenovo enthusiast, he has several Lenovo systems including a ThinkCentre M93p Tiny, a Lenovo Yoga 11S, a ThinkPad X1 Carbon and a ThinkPad 10 (Think and light products anyone?). Plus, he has his eye on our new mobile workstation lineup!

When Dave isn’t working at 5am in the morning he likes to spend time with his family. He can usually be found early morning on a Saturday, Sunday or any day off hiking the trails and mountains that surround the area where he lives with his wife, two young boys and his two dogs. (And, Dave takes awesome pics of his family adventures!)

We are excited Dave has joined ThinkRevolution as a Social Super Fan; you’ll see him posting all about Lenovo from @geordiemuppet!