Size Mattters

Lenovo Mice Size Comparison Top View

As a society, we tend to focus on the big things in life – looking forward to the big sporting events, holidays, and life events. It takes a level of skillfulness to appreciate the smaller things around us. I think the same is true when it comes to our technology. We focus on the system, but after you have the best system, what’s next? We all use accessories to accomplish our day-to-day tasks and one that can be easily overlooked is the mouse.

A long time ago I started to use the ThinkPad Travel mouse (PN 31P7410) and have been using it for years.  It gave me good portability when traveling and it did not take up space on my desk – I actually find it to be a rather cute footprint on the desk. Outside of its “curb appeal,” I really do enjoy the backlit scroll wheel. I think it is a nice Think design element and compliments my system. For me it works, but others want something bigger.

In Europe - where my origins are – it is all about ergonomics. A lot of European customers prefer large mice; comfortable and ergonomic. Like Lenovo USB Optical mouse (PN 06P4069).  This is a great mouse for the office, especially for desktops or docked notebooks where your intention is to leave the mouse on the desk.

However that’s a size some people with smaller hands do not like. It is too big for various demographic groups around the world – including kids. Travel Mouse may be too small for some, Optical mouse too big, but our mid-size is – you guessed it – just right.
Lenovo mise size comparison side view

Lenovo has mid-size mice in its portfolio of accessories. This is a great combination of comfort and portability. We have two mice – ThinkPad USB Laser mouse (PN 57Y4635) and Lenovo Laser Wireless mouse (PN 0A36188). On the second mouse you can watch my review.

All created with an ambidextrous design, each mouse has a small change in size – and each feels different depending on the person. Size of the hand, size of the mouse and the material finish makes each mouse user experience unique.

Go on, bask in the small things in life – and let us know what size mouse you prefer and why?