Bringing Home the Gold: SIX New Performance WORLD RECORDS!

This year’s Summer Olympics, scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, gives outstanding athletes from around the world the opportunity to represent their countries in grueling competitions spanning soccer, swimming, track and field, gymnastics and cycling events, to name a few. Athletes prepare for the games through years of intensive training regimens. Thousands of onlookers attend to cheer on their favorite teams and watch these world-class professionals battle it out. The top athlete in each category receives the coveted gold medal on behalf of his or her country.

In the server world, we hold our own version of the Olympics: competitions in individual performance benchmarks, as defined by the SPEC, TPC and SAP standards bodies.

I’m delighted to announce that the Lenovo System x3650 M5 two-socket, 2U rack server—enhanced with the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors—has come home with six gold medals: the world’s number-one performance results in six different categories! In a nutshell, the Lenovo x3650 M5 servers deliver faster performance than any competitor across virtualization, database, HPC, and high frequency trading workloads.

Below is a quick run-down of Lenovo’s recent world records and their associated benchmarks and workloads.

  • World record for x86 two-processor virtualized workloads – This top, two-processor server score, based on the SPECvirt_sc*2013 benchmark, demonstrates the Lenovo System x3650 M5 rack server’s stellar performance for data center server consolidation in virtualization environments. This includes business-critical workloads such as virtualized SMP application server virtual machines (VMs) and SMP database VMs, plus dynamic workload levels across many workload types and VM instances. Read the news blurb to learn more.
  • Overall world record for server and storage performance per watt for all virtualized workloads – Based on the SPECvirt_sc2013_PPW benchmark, this top score represents Lenovo’s total system environment energy efficiency, with performance per watt in virtualized environments. The Lenovo System x3650 M5 scored the highest performance per combined power consumption (of server and storage) of all x86 servers in the industry. Lenovo achieved an impressive result by using all internal storage and no SAN storage. By not using SAN storage, we consumed less power. Read the news blurb to learn more.
  • Overall world record for server performance per watt for all virtualized workloads – Based on the SPECvirt_sc2013_ServerPPW benchmark, this number-one result represents Lenovo’s performance per watt for servers only and demonstrates Lenovo’s dominance of server energy efficiency in virtualized environments. Read the news blurb to learn more.
  • World record for two-processor database and online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads – Based on the TPC-E benchmark, the Lenovo System x3650 M5 result is the best two-processor performance in the industry, 30 percent faster—and with 9 percent better price/performance—than the Fujitsu® PRIMERGY™ RX2540 M1. The TPC-E benchmark is designed to enable you to objectively measure and compare the performance and price of various OLTP and database systems. Read the news blurb to learn more.
  • Leadership performance in high-throughput workloads such as high-performance computing – This leadership score is based on the SPECfp_rate_base2006 benchmark, which is ideal for measuring multi-threaded compute-intensive applications, such as high-performance computing workloads. Read the news blurb to learn more.
  • Leadership performance in high-speed computing workloads such as high-frequency trading – This leadership score is based on the SPECfp_base2006 benchmark, which measures single-threaded, compute-intensive applications, such as high-speed trading and other financial industry workloads. Read the news blurb to learn more.

If you want world-class performance to dial up your workloads and industry-leading reliability to maximize your data center uptime, go for the gold: Choose Lenovo System x3650 M5 servers.

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Results referenced are current as of March 31, 2016.