Six Extraordinary Innovators Who Work Relentlessly to Move Their Field Forward

Innovation is the key to relevance in today’s fast-paced, always-on world. People, just like companies, must always work on big ideas in order to push forward, be better and bust through established boundaries. In this special report with WIRED Brand Lab, Lenovo salutes six people who embrace change in unexpected ways and make the world a better, more interesting place. Each of these people has thought deeper and worked harder with one goal: to leave a lasting legacy.

In today's fast-paced, always-on world, we often tout a technology, rather than a person, as forward thinking and groundbreaking. But behind these technical advancements are the people who harness them to question what is possible-- transforming what has become acceptable into something exceptional. 

In this feature, we present six extraordinary innovators who have embraced technology to push boundaries, question norms and transform both themselves and the industry in which they work.





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Rahil Arora leads Lenovo’s Customer Stories program.