SimpleTap 2.0 is here!

SimpleTap 2.0

As a software product manager, Mike Matthews, works on offerings for businesses large and small, as well as for the digital home.  His latest project is the 2.0 version of SimpleTap, an application that helps manage the increasingly blurring boundaries between work and home. In a previous blog post, I previewed SimpleTap 2.0 – a new tile-based user interface for Lenovo PCs.  Check out this video overview of SimpleTap 2.0 to learn more.  Better yet, you can now download SimpleTap 2.0 and try it out for yourself!

Simplicity of a smartphone, power of a PC SimpleTap 2.0 combines the simplicity of a smartphone with the power of a PC. It includes multiple workspaces, user selectable themes and easy ways to add and arrange tiles for new and existing programs. You can also add tiles for your favorite websites, content and productivity apps.  Not only is SimpleTap 2.0 fast and fun - it enables you to completely customize the way you experience your PC!

Bringing apps to Windows 7 People really like apps to navigate.  This makes SimpleTap the perfect complement to Windows 7. All it takes is one click or tap from your Windows 7 desktop and you’re into SimpleTap.  Once there you’ll see tiles from familiar names like AccuWeather,PriceGrabber, and Kayak to quickly check the weather or discover a deal or find a flight.  A Flickr tile helps you manage your photos.   There are also beta music and video tiles for managing your other digital content and productivity tiles like Evernote and MS Office, too.  Then, again with just a single click or tap, you’re back to Windows.

Simplify and unclutter your PC experience If you’re like me, your Windows desktop becomes completely littered with open applications during the course of a busy day.  SimpleTap provides an escape from the chaos by always offering a clean and uncluttered user experience.  In many ways, SimpleTap anticipates much of what Windows 8 will offer – but we’ll have more to say on this in a future blog.  In the meantime, give SimpleTap 2.0 a try and let us know what you think.

Not just for touch-screens While the SimpleTap 2.0 interface works great on touch-screens, it works equally well with a mouse, keyboard, trackpoint, touchpad, remote control or any navigation device, really. Try it out and let me know what you think.  Stay tuned to this blog because we’re just getting started. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out other new SimpleTap apps and features.