Service videos - Lenovo’s best kept secret ?

Planning to do some work on your Lenovo PC?    Maybe you are adding some memory, upgrading the hard disk to a larger one, or perhaps exchanging one model of wireless card for another and you really want to see exactly how to open the system up and install or replace the particular component.   Looking for some guidance on how to proceed before you break out the screwdrivers? Many of our long time customers are already familiar with, and know the value of the Hardware Maintenance Manuals available on the support site.  These handy reference materials provide exploded views, and lists of part numbers for all the components of the system.   Here is an example of the HMM for the Thinkpad X61.    Now suppose you wanted the benefit of more detail, and the ability to actually see the system taken apart step by step.   Some video would be really helpful... The Lenovo Service & Support Training websiteprovides detailed videos covering assembly and disassembly of many Lenovo systems, which I didn't know was available until just the other day.   If you plan to install upgraded hardware, perform service yourself, or are just curious about the inner workings of your Lenovo system,  these videos are an invaluable resource. Check out the site tour video to get a feel for the breadth and depth of the material available, or just browse through the index.  There are even sections covering popular ThinkVantage software applications like Access Connections and Rescue and Recovery. These videos may well be one of Lenovo's accidentally best kept secrets.   Enjoy!