Selling at the Funan Digital Life Mall

As an experiment, I took a Flipcam with me on my recent trip to Asia. (Major kudos to those guys at Flip Video for designing a cool, dead-simple-to-use product.) One of my stops was in Singapore where on one weekend I visited the Funan Digital Life Mall. While Singaporeans will wonder what the fuss is about, I had not seen a place like this before. Each floor was filled with storefronts selling all kinds of technological wares. The fourth floor is devoted entirely to PCs where across the concourses you can find vendors in small storefronts. Side by side, you can see and compare Lenovo to Dell to Sony to Asus... I shot two videos documenting that experience and offer them to anyone interested in knowing a bit more. This first video is 1 min, 50 seconds in length and gives an overall view of the fourth floor.

In this second video, I go inside a Lenovo store and ask for a tour. I met Jason the day before while doing some sales training downtown. He immediately recognized me and welcomed me inside. With just a small bit of persuasion on my part, he was kind enough to give a brief tour of the store. (1 min, 48 seconds). Apologies in advance that the audio is a bit faint due to his distance from the camera and the background noise. He is the star of this video and I am grateful to him for his time.

 I have no intentions of doing video full-time, but if seeing more video more often on this blog is interesting to you, let us know in the comments. (Video topic ideas are welcome as well.) I will say that have no illusions of becoming a talk show host, so if you'd rather I keep my day job and stick to the written word, that's fair game to say too.