Seeing Red: Lenovo Wins Big at the Red Dot Design Awards

When the Red Dot Product Design award winners were announced this month, the Lenovo team was excited about the prospect of hearing our name called. But even we weren’t quite prepared for the overwhelming response of winning not one or two, but a whopping 10 awards for engineering and design. It’s a testament to the hard work and innovation of all of Lenovo’s designers, and excellent validation of our goal of designing powerful yet highly usable machines.

One of the Red Dot awards we’re especially proud of is the one for our ThinkStation P900 workstation, the most powerful workstation we’ve ever designed. The P900 is packed with the most advanced technology components on the market, prioritizing performance, reliability and usability, all of which are critical to engineers’ ability to be productive. And we’ve encased it all in one of the cleanest, most beautifully designed machines ever delivered to the market, one that features easily identifiable red touchpoints (via FLEX®) that make upgrading the tool-less components convenient and intuitive.

The result is a combination of performance and best of breed design that is unmatched in the industry. The ThinkStation P900 design enables users to pay only for the performance they need to run their businesses, while allowing them to scale to meet future demands.

It’s important to note that none of this happened by accident. Extensive user feedback, design simulation, rigorous testing and even constructive conflict among the team fueled every design breakthrough in a process that took more than two years. Ultimately, the team ensured that the P900 would provide users with the performance they needed do handle their toughest challenges with the design elements to position them for long-term success.

With that, I want to congratulate our entire Lenovo ThinkStation P900 design team for this extraordinary accomplishment. Well done, team!