Bavarian school Schloss Neubeuern     chooses Lenovo to go totally paperless

It’s clear that we’ve nearly ended the ‘chalk era,’ or what’s considered the traditional classroom with whiteboards, paper textbooks and a general absence of technology. But with such a large focus placed on growing the rate of digital classrooms, many school administrations and teachers likely find themselves adrift in the wide array of devices and gadgets tailored for today’s education environments.

Picking the Right Device for Your Classroom

The question is not, “should I introduce technology to my classroom?” but instead, “what technology do I choose for my classroom?” The answer comes from a combination of identifying what technological benefit will be most valuable to your students and having a holistic understanding of the options. As a leading provider of educational technology, Lenovo exposes its customers to an unparalleled selection of devices – each designed to support a specific need.

We shared a few scenarios in our previous posts, where offering a variety of choices allowed educators to choose the best device for the most effective learning experience in their classrooms.  For example, Rebild Kommune, a primary school in Denmark, chose ThinkPad X131e Chromebooks to spur classroom collaboration and support Internet-based teaching. By using portable Lenovo A1000 and YOGA tablets, ACE Creative Learning, a successful India-based e-learning company was able to offer students a whole new outlet for resources and testing resources inside and outside of the classroom.

Most recently, Schloss Neubeuern, a Bavarian boarding school, is taking steps towards becoming completely a paperless campus, as part of a continuous effort to eradicate blackboards, pens, paper and physical textbooks. Using a variety of Lenovo devices, including the ThinkPad Yoga 12, Schloss Neubeuern has enabled its students to completely digitize their workload, which in turn reduced educators’ workload of grading papers and reviewing materials. Since the educators have access to each student’s device, they’ve also been able to eliminate cheating attempts. Active Pen support for the ThinkPad Yoga was highly useful as the German Ministry of Education dictates that every exam has to be conducted handwritten. With the digitizer pen this can easily be achieved despite a full digitalization of everyday school life.

To read more about how Schloss Neubeuern transformed their education system with the right choice of classroom technology, click here [PDF]