SA120 DAS & CacheCade for Automated Data Acceleration

ThinkServer SA120 DAS Array

GUEST BLOG BY TAY FOSTER ... You heard about our recent ThinkServer SA120 direct-attached storage (DAS) announcement, right? Right? It’s amazing and unique in that it’s the only DAS array that has 3.5-inch drive bays in the front and 2.5-inch drive bays in the back. Single enclosure configurations are available with up to 48TB of NL-SAS HDDs combined with up to 3.2TB of high-performance Intel SSDs. This innovative “Think” design provides an optimal tiered storage solution in one compact 15.5-inch deep 2U chassis.

Are you looking for the easy button for performance acceleration of your random I/O database? Then look no further than the SA120 combined with the ThinkServer RAID LSI 9286CV-8e adapter and your choice of ThinkServer systems (RD640, RD540, RD440, RD340, TD340 or TS440). The key component of this solution is the ThinkServer RAID LSI adapter and its optional CacheCade software.

In the past, database administrators had to manually and selectively place more frequently accessed hot data on SSDs and leave the remaining data on HDDs. While this can be effective for increasing performance, it’s very time consuming and requires more work when the application or data changes. CacheCade intelligently and dynamically handles the data placement without the need to monitor and configure applications. When reading data, it automatically copies the most frequently accessed data on HDD volumes to a much faster tier of SSD cache, removing the latency bottlenecks associated with HDD-based data volumes. For data writes, it expands the adapter on-board cache from 1GB to up to 512GB.

If you need a low-cost solution that provides great performance and high storage capacity, the answer is easy with the ThinkServer SA120 and CacheCade.

For more information on configuring the ThinkServer SA120 with CacheCade, read the Using the ThinkServer SA120 Disk Array paper.