Rugged for Education

Working in an industry that provides goods or services to education can be a bit tricky. Obviously companies must operate in a manner which ultimately supports the financial well-being of the organizations, its shareholders and its employees. However, when working with schools we must also remember that it is important to keep in mind the significance and magnitude of the work being done by educators.  As the #1 PC manufacturer in education, Lenovo has a responsibility to build hardware appropriate for education that enhances the learning environment and enables educators to improve learning outcomes. Recently we announced two new product lines that do just that.

In January at BETT Lenovo showcased, its second offering of Classmate Plus. Based on the Intel Learning Series, we are offering a clamshell version as well as a Lenovo-enhanced convertible Tablet PC.  Both systems are built on Intel's Atom Processor technology and both are ruggedized to meet the demanding needs of classrooms. In addition, the classmates have a full suite of education optimized applications, including classroom management tools, creativity applications, and e-reader.

 Also for those schools looking for more computing power, Lenovo has released an 11.6” notebook, the x130e.  With configurations including Intel i3 and AMD 450 processors and up to 8gb RAM, the Xl30e has enough power to drive real productivity, creativity, and collaboration.  However what really makes this solution special is that it was "Built for Education!” Based on feedback from customers, education Advisory Councils, and analysis of warranty and accidental damage claims , "Journey'' was designed to  take Lenovo's ThinkPad legendary durability to whole new heights. Reinforced hinges, strengthened ports, and a rubber bumper are just a few of the enhancements that will enable the x130e to stay in the hands of teachers and students, not in IT. Furthermore, because schools are facing even tighter budgets the x130e has come to market with little to no cost premium from its predecessor the x120e.

There are two ways to work with customers: you can tell them what is best for them, or you can listen to them and provide solutions they need and want. Hopefully these new offerings represent the best of the latter. Moving forward Lenovo will continue to be all ears and will pair what we hear from educators with the innovation leadership in engineering to create the best solutions "Built for Education!"