The VMworld 2015 US Web site urges companies in today’s fluid business environment to capitalize on new opportunities and manage emerging risk factors(1). That statement immediately brings to mind the classic 1939 fantasy movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”*(2)

Talk about a constantly changing environment, numerous opportunities and an inordinate amount of risk! Dorothy’s(3) journey had many plot twists. Let's face it: your move to mobility -- to one cloud, any application, any device – won’t be drama-free either. Perhaps there is something to be learned from Dorothy's story:

Running away doesn’t work.

In the movie, Dorothy ran without a plan. She encountered a bike-riding meanie, a tornado, a bump on the head, and ultimately, the poor girl landed in a completely foreign environment she couldn’t easily navigate.

Translation: Run from the need for virtualization and cloud solutions and you might find yourself in a world of hurt. A better strategy is to assess your business and formulate a plan that identifies specific pain points that can be resolved with mobility solutions. Then ask for help from the experts. (Please click here for a Lenovo + VMware solutions presentation that will provide ideas. Also plan to visit Lenovo booth #1537 at VMworld and the Lenovo speaking sessions listed below to learn more.)

Promises, fancy elixirs and crystal balls are attractive nuisances that will only lead you astray.

There is always going to be a Professor Marvel(4) (Remember that guy in the movie? He was the faux fortune teller who later doubled as the wizard. [He wasn’t actually a wizard.] He had a crystal ball, promises, potions and tricks. He steered Dorothy wrong several times. Near the end of the story, he promised her passage back to Kansas without knowing for sure that he could deliver.)(2)

Translation: When you choose industry solutions to solve your mobility problems, learn all that you can about the solutions providers so that you can base your choices on facts. Facts include synergy between partner companies, industry benchmark records, customer references, industry accolades, performance measures and a history of successful joint deployments.(5)

The Lenovo + VMware partnership provides a great example. Lenovo ranks as the number one PC company in the world, number two in PC + tablets, number three in smart connected devices -- and in the data center arena, number one in enterprise server reliability, number one in customer satisfaction and number three in servers.(5)

VMware is the world's leading provider of virtualization software. The company also has its share of accolades – number five software company in the world, fastest software company to reach the $6 billion mark and a number one customer satisfaction ranking. Together, the two companies offer a host of powerful joint solutions.(5) Consult this presentation to learn more about Lenovo + VMware joint mobility solutions.

Everyone can have a yellow brick road.

In the movie, Glinda the Good Witch(6) urged Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road(7) to the Emerald City.(8) The Munchkins(9) hammered the point home in song. For Dorothy, the Yellow Brick road clearly charted her path.

Translation: In your journey to mobility, start by designing a roadmap that is tailored to your company’s specific situation. Consider various solution areas -- Virtualization and Cloud, Virtualized Storage, Virtual Networking, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Virtualized Management -- and how each will help your company to accelerate or continue the journey to mobility. Refer to this presentation to find an example of a Lenovo + VMWare solutions roadmap and how a corporation might implement it.

Your yellow brick road will have many twists and turns. The right partners can help you navigate the curves.

Dorothy and her friends repeatedly encountered challenges along the way – the Wicked Witch(10), signs that pointed in more than one direction, trees that threw their own apples, winged monkeys, Winkie Guards, a battlement, fire, and more. Dorothy’s trusted partners, the Tinman, the Lion and the Scarecrow provided viable answers along the way.(2)

Translation: You’ll have your share of challenges in your journey to mobility. Lenovo + VMware can help you and your company find the best way to your destination. Lenovo and VMware have complementary corporate visions and are not competitive in their business models. Both have end-to-end portfolios that dovetail well together. That’s why both companies agreed to form joint solutions. (Consult the presentation here or visit the Lenovo booth #1537 at VMworld 2015.) 

Believe in your ruby slippers.

Early in the tale, Dorothy learned that the ruby slippers she confiscated in Munchkinland(11) were powerful. She walked a long way in those shoes. At the end of the movie, Dorothy cashed in on their power, clicking her heels three times. Voila, she was home again.

Translation: With well-timed wisely-implemented Lenovo + VMware solutions from the Lenovo + VMware partnership, you can decrease CAPEX and OPEX costs, increase efficiency and productivity, deliver more memory capacity and have better security. Think of this arsenal of solutions as your ruby slippers. Believe in them and in the end, their power will transport you to where you want to go.

Learn more about Lenovo + VMware solutions in three sessions at VMworld 2015 as well as in theatre presentations about booth 1537.

Session ID: INF6297-SPO
Customer Case Study by Carolinas IT: Agile Infrastructure for Service Providers
Monday August 31, 1:30PM  – 2:30PM

Session ID: INF6298-SPO
Increase Agility on your Journey to a Software-Defined Data Center
Tuesday September 1, 11:30AM – 12:30PM

Session ID: INF6296-SPO
Simplify Your Cloud Deployment by Extending your Investment in Cloud Automation to Physical Hardware
Tuesday September 1, 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Original art by Kathy Holoman
(A note about the imagery: Toto is vacationing in Kansas at the moment and was unavailable to sit for the painting. The dog in the picture is Beau, the beloved hunter owned by Bob Zuber, our Lenovo colleague.)

*"The Wizard of Oz" is a 1939 classic fantasy film. Click here for more information about the movie and related topics.

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