Richard Sapper

 Richard Sapper

It would wrong to get this blog started without talking about Richard Sapper. He is the design genius behind the original ThinkPad and many other design classics. Richard’s biography can be found here.  He is most noted for his masterpiece of form and function the Tizio lamp . Introduced in 1972,  the Tizio and has been in continuous production ever since.

Tizio Lamp

Often described as a “the man who has never made a bad design” , Richard created the original ThinkPad design concept in the early 90's. Richard often describes the design as being inspired by the Japanese Bento box – the traditional lacquered “lunch box” that is a masterpiece in itself of simplicity and beauty.

Richard is also known for his classic designs for Brionvega, Mercedes, Alessi, Knoll, and Lamy. 

Dialog 1 Lamy Dialog 1 by Richard Sapper

Interesting to note that several of his television and radio designs from the 1960's can still be purchased today nearly in their original form.We’re glad Richard is still involved with our design team helping to steer our design directions. If you are interested in reading more about Richard I suggest you check out this book.

David Hill