Ever wonder what happens in an internet minute?  Consider these mind-boggling facts: 120 hours of video uploaded to youtube, 347,000 new tweets, 150 Million emails, 1,389 Uber rides, 2.4 Million search queries. As information explodes, businesses have to receive, store, and analyze a staggering amount of data from a myriad of sources: Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, mobile devices, internet searches, online purchases, to name a few.

With flattening IT budgets, many companies struggle to store this massive influx of data.  Fact is, as data growth continues to outpace the growth of IT budgets, you need a revolutionary storage approach.

Lenovo can help. We recently announced our  StorSelect Software Defined Storage (SDS) program, in which we partner with leading SDS software vendors to deliver factory-integrated, pre-validated storage appliances on our proven servers so that you can scale your storage rapidly and affordably. Lenovo also provides a single global point of contact for worldwide support. 

Scale your storage affordably and easily

With partners Nexenta and Cloudian, we have just launched two SDS offerings in our StorSelect program: the Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor and the Lenovo Storage DX8200C powered by Cloudian.  Read our announcement here.

The DX8200N, integrated with Nexenta’s NexentaStor software, is designed for full-featured unified file and block storage.  It supports a variety of storage applications, including healthcare, education, file sharing, databases, cloud and managed services, and backup and archive. It uses proven, reliable Lenovo servers (two for high availability) and scales storage capacity through attached JBODs.  The DX8200N supports workload optimized JBOD configurations, such as all-flash for high performance transactional databases, as well as hybrid (a combination of flash and spinning drives for virtualization, virtual desktop, and enterprise file services workloads), and all drives for NFS Block/Backup and Archive scenarios.   The appliance provides easy integration with VMware cloud backend, OpenStack, and CloudStack.

 The DX8200C, integrated with Cloudian’s HyperStore software, is designed to support object storage, such as social media photos, comments, etc. as well as educational and medical records. The appliance provides 100% AWS/S3 compliance for easy hybrid cloud integration. DX8200C scales from as few as three to hundreds of nodes – based on Lenovo platforms -- for thousands of petabytes of storage.  You can scale your storage capacity simply by adding more nodes.

Implement with Confidence

Leverage Lenovo as your trusted data center partner in rolling out your SDS deployments.  We shorten your time to market by pre-integrating and validating the SDS software on our platforms, and shipping and delivering directly to you.  We provide a single point of contact for global support.  Our servers have a track record of outstanding reliability and quality.  They ranked number one in reliability for the third year in a row, and number one in overall customer satisfaction in 2014 and 2015

Manage without Complexity

Use Lenovo XClarity, a centralized resource management tool, to manage the Lenovo hardware – both storage and server platforms -- by automating tasks and providing configuration and real-time monitoring.  XClarity provides an open API for simplified management across cloud environments.

So don’t allow your business to get overwhelmed by mountains of data.   Simplify your storage affordably, easily, and confidently, and accelerate your time to market with Lenovo’s turnkey StorSelect Family of SDS DX8200 appliances.

Learn more by viewing the video, taking a virtal tour, and reading the analyst paper.