The overwhelming response to my blog about Lenovo possibly building a “retro inspired” ThinkPad exceeded my wildest dreams. It smashed all the Lenovo blog records for page reads and comments by an enormous margin. The comments are highly detailed, contain great ideas and are very passionate. Some people emailed or even sent “old school” letters to me with their thoughts about ThinkPad design. I truly appreciate all the effort that went into providing me with such rich and valuable feedback. ThinkPadders are a special lot!

Interesting word cloud we created based on blog comments

The comments reveal several important themes around the concept. Keyboard, displays, buttons, ports, hinges and even the logo all received a lot of mentions. I’m not surprised, since these are the things that have changed the most over the last 20 plus years we’ve been at this.

Should we ship all three TrackPoint caps?

In order to better understand the preferences voiced in the comments, we’ve decided to launch a series of surveys. This will allow us to gather feedback on a wide variety of topics and to help participants to understand development tradeoffs. The first survey is primarily centered on keyboard and pointing devices. You can look for other surveys to roll out on a weekly cadence. Eventually we’ll get down to details like which TrackPoint cap you prefer. I’ll share some of the overall results in future blogs.

This is a great opportunity for my readers to weigh in and help us define the preferred ingredients for making a ThinkPad like this. Click here to take the survey. Thanks again for your passion and interest in this concept.

David Hill

Update: If you are accessing the survey from China, please click here.