Retro ThinkPad Survey 3: What’s Under the Hood?

Last week we launched the second in a series of surveys related to the “Retro Thinkpad” concept. Well over 6000 people have weighed in with their opinions on additional keyboard details and detailed display preferences. People are also continuing to take survey one, which is great to see. We will continue to keep all of the surveys open until we have completed the entire series. We want to gather as much data as possible and give our customers the opportunity to shape the potential offering. Click here to take survey 1 or here to take survey 2 if you have not responded yet.

Here are some of the key insights from survey two that I can share. The keyboard illumination question continues to deliver nearly a tied preference. One consideration is that a classic key shape keyboard is harder to illuminate using backlighting since margins between keys are quite small. The internet forward/backward keys are also a bit of a split decision. Perhaps the best answer would be to include them, but also ensure there is a very easy method to disable or repurpose them for those who are less interested. Including a blue enter key is highly preferred as are dedicated volume and microphone controls.

Keyboard lighting preference is too close to call!

Display size shows a strong preference for 14.1”. I’ve include a bar chart so that you can see how the preferences compare. Related to that, we’ve been really good at being able to fit a 14.1” display in the footprint of a 13.3” ThinkPad. The end result is a compact machine with very narrow bezels. 16:10 aspect ratio was also significantly preferred. More than half of the participants are looking for a very high resolution display. Lastly, LED’s are a hot topic with AC charging, Caps Lock, and Battery Status indicators as the top three preferences.

Screen size preference landed in a place that didn’t surprise me

Today we are launching survey 3. It’s focused less on industrial design and more on what I would call the engine that drives the experience. Of course this matter too, I would never buy a car without understanding the performance specs and looking under the hood. Be prepared to answer questions related to storage, memory and ports.

You can take survey 3 by clicking here. Next week, we plan on sharing some more results and launching survey 4. Thanks again for sharing your ongoing preferences on this important project!

David Hill

Note: If you have difficulties accessing the survey above, please click here.