Remote Disable (Lenovo Constant Secure)

I plan on getting back to the T400s, Windows 7, and ThinkVantage Technologies under Windows 7 soon.  Today is a little less involved. You may or may not know that we have a trial program in place to remotely disable your notebook if it gets lost or stolen.  Based on customer feedback and uptake, we'll evaluate expanding the program to additional systems and countries. Since this is a trial, there are a few limitations:

  • You need a Montevina generation ThinkPad (T400, T400s, X200, X200s, X301, R400, etc.)
  • It must have an AT&T wireless card inside and you must have established data service with AT&T.

Unfortunately this means that this is currently only a US offering.  (He says as he ducks to avoid flying bricks aimed at his head.) If you meet those two conditions, you have our SMS disable feature available at no additional charge.   You can read the instructions for Constant Secure, but to sum up its capabilities, you pair your phone with your ThinkPad.  If it gets stolen, you send your ThinkPad an SMS message which locks it down at the hardware level, turning it into a brick.  (Of course, if you find it again, you can unlock it.) If your machine is in the off or in a suspended state, no problem.  Just like your text messages are queued for you for when you turn on your phone when you get off of an airplane, if your ThinkPad is off, the disable messages are delivered when your system powers up again.  Being booted into Windows is not required either as the message receipt and processing happens at the hardware level. Our team put together the following video which is what I really wish would happen.