Regionalgas Euskirchen Reduces Costs while Delivering Services Faster with Flex System

Regionalgas Euskirchen GmbH & Co. KG is a German regional utility providing water and energy to nearly 60,000 customers. With regulatory changes, Regionalgas Euskirchen found itself competing with nearly 700 other providers for its customer base. In order to stay competitive, they needed to reduce operational costs and pass the savings on to their customers. 

Business Partner helped Regionalgas Euskirchen to consolidate their six existing HP servers, in six different racks, down to two Flex System chassis, each in a separate location for disaster protection. Regionalgas Euskirchen is running 110 virtual machines across six Flex System x240 nodes, with a System x3650 M4 in each rack. They estimate their ongoing energy savings from the consolidation at 20 percent. More importantly, because of Flex Systems’ superior thermal tolerances, Regionalgas Euskirchen was able to avoid upgrading their air conditioning, as would have been required for other solutions, and save $45,000, (€35,000). On top of this, the Flex System solution’s integrated networking helped to reduce switches by 80 percent, making network management much easier.

Operational savings weren’t the only reason for choosing Flex System. Regionalgas Euskirchen expects to make acquisitions in near future, which requires powerful systems to quickly incorporate the acquired customers into their IT systems. Oliver Moritz, head of IT at Regionalgas Euskirchen, remarked that Flex has helped them significantly cut response times for their core business applications — by nearly 66 percent in some instances.  

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