Rebild Kommune Transforms Learning Environment with Lenovo and Google

In today’s constantly evolving world, there is great emphasis placed on uncovering new ways of learning and sharing ideas. This idea of transformative learning applies directly to today’s classrooms – it’s easy to see just how far classroom environments and students’ styles of learning have progressed over recent years, especially with the advent of cloud-based learning and technology.  

Technology has played a significant role in reshaping the learning experience, whether through cloud-based classrooms those foster collaboration, Google for Education productivity tools that allow teachers to deliver more personalized lessons, or laptops and tablets that act as tools for teamwork and innovation. These tools enable students from all over the country to work on projects together simultaneously in the cloud while giving instructors the flexibility to offer real-time feedback. Together, these tools are connecting students and teachers in entirely new ways.

One school in Denmark, Rebild Kommune, recently paired with Lenovo to equip each of its students with specialized Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebooks in an effort to alter the way the students build and share knowledge. Having access to technology in the classroom allows them to change their frame of reference when it comes to learning, giving them the opportunity to work collaboratively and help each other learn. The Lenovo technology also keeps the entire class on task and more engaged throughout their lessons and allows the teachers to easily incorporate individual 1:1 learning.

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