Real World Tablet Experiences

Today I am welcoming two guest video bloggers to Inside the Box.  I had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo and Jackie several times while they have been summer interns here at Lenovo.  One of the things that they mentioned early on is that they use a competitor's tablet at their high school and wondered how they could share their experiences with it -- perhaps with a blog entry.  This seemed a perfect thing for a video blog entry.  Take a look if you're interested in seeing the experiences of two real-world tablet PC school users.  Their script and words are their own. As a side note, please keep your discourse civil.  I will be extra careful with moderating comments on this particular post.  It is all right to say negative things, if applicable, but I will not tolerate mean spirited comments and will delete them without warning.  All praise gets directed to them.  Any derision gets directed to me.I was most impressed with what they came up with.  I hope you will be too. 

Hi, we’re Rodrigo and Jackie, and we’re marketing interns at Lenovo for the summer. Jackie is going to be a senior at Cary Academy this year and Rodrigo is heading off to Purdue University in the fall. We both used HP tablets at Cary Academy for two years and we wanted to highlight some of the issues that we encountered with our tablets and why we think the Lenovo tablet is an improvement.

A lot of the problems that we discussed in this video are issues that we encountered on a day to day basis from a large majority of our friends and fellow classmates. Because of the way that a high school student treats their laptop, durability is very important. We found that the Lenovo engineers have addressed several of these problems in the ThinkPad design. Many of the difficulties that we ran into over the last two years could have been prevented with a Lenovo tablet.