R U D W N? With LIFE, Lenovo’s Newest Musical Future Icon?

Their name is LIFE, Lenovo's Newest Future Icon.

Are you "that person" in your crew that is always up on the newest artists and tracks before anybody else?

If so, you'll want to check out the Future Icons channel inside the Lenovo Companion app, available exclusively on Lenovo Windows 8 systems. Future Icons brings you exclusive behind-the-scenes music and videos from artists we've tapped as the next big thing. They will share with you how they use digital music creation to get their sound, and hopefully inspire you to start making some tracks as well!

Our newest Future Icon is the alternative rock band called LIFE. The band consists of  Los Angeles natives Moi J Quinn,Sean Chapman, and Matthew McEwan, and offers a distinctive SoCal sound reminiscent of 311 and Sublime. Their exciting debut EP, R U D W N? drops June 18, 2014, featuring their first single of the same name. (If you're in the Los Angeles area, they will perform at their album release party at the legendary Roxy nightclub in Hollywood June 18.) 

Moi, Matt and Sean were first known as the founders of Southern California band Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, and spent nearly a decade engaging a diehard fan base with three full-length albums as well as successful stints on Warped Tour. However, their muse suddenly morphed right before their eyes. "It wasn't planned out," recalls Sean. "We just started writing music, and it awakened something different within us. It wasn't Tomorrows Bad Seeds. It was new. The three of us followed that path naturally, and LIFE was born." "We evolved into this band," Matt agrees. "As we began working on ideas, all of this fresh music poured out of us. It was important for us to allow that to flow. This is what we do. We put it all out there. It's our LIFE". 

In many ways, the music's dynamics reflect their own multi-cultural identity and diverse backgrounds. Moi speaks three languages, breakdances, and surfs, while Matt splits his time between being a dad and playing DJ as Sean devotes free moments to painting."We don't make just one style of music," explains Moi. "Everyone is so multi-faceted, and that's a big part of it. We make what comes from the heart and what feels right. We're all from Los Angeles, and we have so many different influences ranging from punk rock to Motown. We can be influenced by anything and everything."

They stir those influences into a hypnotic hybrid on their debut EP, R U D W N? which drops today, June 18. It's led by the buoyant bounce of the first single also titled, "R U D W N ?", which slips from a distinct island guitar twang into a resounding refrain. Originally conceived on the tour bus and finished back in Hermosa Beach alongside songwriter Josiah Rosen, it opens up the doorway into LIFE. "It's about escaping harsh realities and structure," admits Sean. "A lot of people don't realize they have the capability to do whatever they want. They're constantly chasing money and they forget to stop, take a moment, enjoy it, and connect with others around them.""It's a love song about being carried back to where you're from and who you want to be with," Moi adds. "I was thinking of Tupac when we were writing it, and it asks, 'Are you down for my love and the journey we can take together? Are you down for this escape?'. (If you're in the Los Angeles area, LIFE will be performing at their album release party at the legendary Roxy nightclub in Hollywood June 18.)

The members of LIFE first embarked on their collective "escape" together back in 2004. They developed a bond and a brotherhood that extends far beyond the music, embracing each other's extended families into one big unit. "We all hang out and know everything about each other's lives and stories," smiles Sean. "Matt and I slept on Moi's mom's couch for a year. My dad's been a mentor to all of us. We can call on anybody anytime. That's the most incredible thing. That bond only got stronger when we started this band."

Now, they're inviting everybody to join this family and ride forward on this journey of LIFE.

"When people hear us, I want them to feel memories they haven't felt in a long time," Moi leaves off. "I want them to connect it to real emotions because everything we do is from the heart. We sing and play from the heart. We hope you feel it."

Watch exclusive, behind-the-scenes videos from the band, and hear clips of their debut single "R U D W N?" visit the Lenovo Companion app on your Windows 8 system.  

Connect with LIFE:

Website: http://www.lifemusic.com/

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ournameisLIFE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ournameisLIFE

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ournameislife