Q&A with Tiyah Thompson, Lenovo Scholar Network Student Participant

Student participants used Lenovo laptops and tablets to create and test their mobile apps.

Publisher’s note: Following the announcement of the five Lenovo Scholar Network finalists, we will be featuring high school students who participated in the Lenovo Scholar Network Mobile App Competition. Check back throughout the summer to hear more about the participating students and the apps they created! – Lenovo Education

Q&A with Tiyah Thompson, Lenovo Scholar Network student participant, Pathways Academy of Technology and Design in East Hartford, CT

Mobile app creators Tiyah and Tobi are among the five winning groups for this year's Lenovo Scholar Network competition.

Q: What mobile app did you create?

My partner Tobi and I created an app called Savant, which is designed to replace textbooks. In our creation of the app, we focused on three major areas that are important for students: collaboration, communication and convenience. We created a group discussion feature within the app to address these areas – it’s an easy way to allow classmates and teachers to collaborate. This way they can talk about the topics found in the reading assignments together, easily communicating through messaging other students and their teacher with any questions, concerns or comments.

Q: Why did you create this app?

In creating Savant, our main goal was to make learning easier and more convenient for students. Savant transforms everything we ever thought about classrooms into something that appeals to this tech-savvy generation, known as the millennials. Additionally, our app really focuses on students’ learning progress. Savant is revolutionizing classrooms everywhere.

Q: What are the biggest takeaways you received from participating in the Lenovo Scholar Network?

The biggest takeaway that we’ve received from participating in this program is the new experiences. Thanks to the Lenovo Scholar Network program, our team has been offered opportunities to travel to both New York and California to present our app! This fuels the drive that our team has towards pursuing careers in technology.  

Q: What are some benefits you gained by participating in the mobile app program?

By participating in the mobile app program, our team has benefitted from the opportunity to try new things, keep an open mind, and become familiar with trial and error processes. This was the first year that both Tobi and I started to program apps and we have found that coding won’t always succeed after creation.

Through the program, we’ve transformed our skills from initially using step-by step tutorials and one-screen apps to now creating apps that were previously just ideas. Throughout the process we’ve learned to ask ourselves important questions such as what features need to be included and where they would make the most sense on the user’s interface.

Q: Anything else we should know?

I’m excited to announce I will be attending a summer program at Harvard University from June 20 through August 8. My partner Tobi will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University to study business information systems.  


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