Preparing for the Future with Expanded GPU Support

As the GPU Technology Conference kicks-off in San Jose, California, we are  excited to announce that we’re expanding our support of NVIDIA’s Tesla series of GPUs across our System x server portfolio. With updated GPU support across the line up, Lenovo will be offering solutions across many different server lines, form factors and processor types for application in virtual desktop, high-performance computing (HPC) and the rapidly emerging machine-learning space. 

Lenovo will be supporting the NVIDIA Tesla M60 with active cooling on multiple systems, including our most popular two-processor, rack-mount systems, the x3650 M5 and x3550 M5.  It will also be supported on our mission-critical platforms, the x3850 X6 four-processor and x3950 X6 eight-processor systems. Customers will be able to leverage the M60 in these systems to help accelerate workloads such as virtual desktop initiatives. Customers can leverage NVIDIA’s GRID technology to virtualize the M60 across graphic-intensive workloads, and deliver workstation-class GPU performance to virtual desktop users.

On NeXtScale, our extremely dense platform that has gained popularity in HPC environments around the world, we will be supporting the Tesla M60 and Tesla M40, both with passive cooling. The M40 is the deep learning accelerator that will help propel “learning computers” or “artificial intelligence” platforms into the forefront of hyperscale and HPC data centers. With the M40 delivering up to seven teraflops of performance, we are very excited to partner with NVIDIA in this new computing frontier that opens up possibilities across multiple industries. NeXtScale also supports several other NVIDIA GPUs, including the Tesla K80 for mixed workloads such as HPC and deep learning, which are emerging in academic and research environments. 

The addition of these NVIDIA GPUs to the Lenovo servers listed above is scheduled for later in the second quarter of 2016.