Preload Windows 7 computer hands-on event


Lenovo Japan began selling Lenovo PC's preloaded with Microsoft® Windows® 7  today, October 22, 2009.   So this weekend  October 24th (Saturday) and 25th (Sunday) 2009, Lenovo Japan will host a  hands-on event at Cafe Solare, Akihabara.   The event runs from 10 am. until 6 pm.  Every hour starting at 11:00 am, there will be  demonstrations comparing the Lenovo Enhanced Experience Windows 7 preload performance with a normal Windows 7 out of the box install, so that participants can observe the performance differences.   In addition, participants will have the opportunity to enter a drawing while filling out survey forms during the event; a coupon number which is distributed during the event for those whom purchase preload Microsoft Windows 7 products from October 24th until 30th, 2009; so, they entitle a lucky draw in Lenovo Japan website.   Prizes include 13 copies of  Windows 7 products, 3 of T400s and 10 of S10-2 systems. *1News – Hands-on Event*2Seminar Advertisement We also welcome our customers to join in our Windows 7 launch discussion in our forum, where Lenovo subject matter experts will be sharing their thoughts and helping to answer questions about Windows 7 and the Lenovo Enhanced Experience for the next two weeks.

Liza Adnan