Pray for Victims of Sichuan 为四川灾民祈祷

Editor's Note: Today we have Cleo Lee guest blogging here on Connections. Cleo is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and recently joined our social media team. She will bring new insights and perspectives to the conversations in our Lenovo community, in the blogs and forums. 12th of May, Monday evening; I was really stunned to learn that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan. My thoughts were suddenly of my little sister. She is staying in Hubei Province which is on the east of Sichuan. Very quickly, I contacted her and it was truly a relief to know that she was safe. Although she mentioned there was a little shaking and feeling of unsteadiness, my family and I still advised her to stay alert and keep important documents with her just in case there was another strike; she would be able to run right away. Living in Malaysia, which has no natural disasters like earthquake or volcanoes, we were really worried of the catastrophe in Sichuan. A friend of mine in Beijing was affected by the quake, too! She immediately ran down from the 19th floor to the ground floor. It was really terrifying to learn the power of a quake which can even affect a place that is thousand miles away! I could feel the pain after taking a look at those sorrowful pictures from the internet and the TV news. Agony and compassion have never been away from me even though I am not in China. Reckoning back to December 2006, I had been on vacation in Chengdu, Sichuan for few days. The tourist bus has stopped for a rest in DuJiangYan (one of the most serious disaster areas) while on the way to JiuZhaiGou (tourism spot). It was a peaceful and beautiful town and yet it has now become one of the disaster areas that I could not even imagine. Schools and houses are all but rubble now. What if I were there? What if I were buried under the ruins? I cannot even imagine. Perhaps you may want to see the picture of the fallen buildings. It really saddens me knowing the students were buried under the rubble without knowing if they will be rescued. At this moment, I wished I could be one of the rescue crew to chase away their sorrows and bring those victims back to their loved ones. Another scene that caught my attention was the little cute babies in a hospital. As soon as the earthquake struck, the brave nurses were carrying babies with them while fleeing out of the tumbling hospital. I was really amazed by their devoted love despite of the danger and disaster that’s unfolding. I would like to express my respect to the nurses for their kindness, fearless and selfless thoughts and acts which surely reduced possible injuries and deaths. In spite of the great losses that the earthquake had caused, the human spirit is not defeated. Instead, it united everyone regardless of their skin color, race or creed. Many countries, for instance, the United States and Germany, have offered their help by sending their rescue teams to the disaster areas. Moreover, the Chinese around the world are raising funds for the victims, too! That is the kind and compassionate heart that we are seeking for the peace of the world. There was a conversation recorded between Weng JiaBao, the Premier of China, to the rescue crews and the victims that really touched my heart.

"Fear no sacrifice, fear no weariness, and give all of you instead""Have faith in overcoming the fear of disaster as there are plenty of times in the future that we can start it all over again as long as we are still alive!"

I totally agree! Life is the hope I was inspired in part by the quick response in formation of the Lenovo Crisis Management Team by our Lenovo teammates in China. Even though none of the Lenovo employees were directly affected, Lenovo is still concerned about the families and friends affected. Just like Reid Walker, Lenovo World Wide VP of Communications has mentioned in his blog about Lenovo responds to China earthquake, “Lenovo is part of each community which we operate around the world”. We always try to do our utmost to help and provide assistance to our neighbors. I pray for you my friends in Sichuan. And I pray for the death toll to stop soaring! For more information, here is a Chinese website that is translated by Yahoo! Babelfish: Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 五月十二号的晚上,从电视台晚间新闻中得知四川发生7.8级地震的消息后,震撼之际脑海里瞬间想起了远在中国武汉大学求学的小妹。武汉市位于湖北省,虽然和四川省相隔几千里,然而心中依然焦虑不已,赶紧拨号与她联系。获知她平安无事后,我们全家人方才松了口气。即使如此,她也感应到了微小震感,甚至有些头昏目眩。我们仍然不放心地再三叮嘱她做好准备,一旦发生余震,便能第一时间逃离到宽敞并且安全的场地。由于生长在无重大自然灾害的国家,对于此次天灾的突然降临,我们又无法陪在她身边,因此内心甚是忧虑的。 我给一位北京友人发了一条短信问候。事发时她和同事都感到了震动,赶紧从19楼大厦狂奔到楼底外。此次地震竟波及千里之外的北京,可见其威力巨大,令人惧怕!从中国的一些网站和电视台上,看到了许多触目惊心的悲惨照片与画面。虽然人不在事发现场,但是却能感同身受;心里的悲愁一直没有停止过。或许看了这崩塌的楼房,你就明白了。 犹记2006年10月,我到四川成都旅游。前往九寨沟时路径都江堰,我曾在那儿小休一会儿,购买零食。如今,它却变成了灾区之一;一些学校和房子纷纷跨塌。倘若此时此刻我身在该处,而又不幸地被困压在废墟中,我将会是怎样的心情?在暗无天日的废墟里,独处于险境的我,又会想到些什么呢?我想,我会惊吓至崩溃大哭。 众多学生被掩埋在废墟里,生死未卜。随后,只见一具具冰冷的尸体被援军抬出。此景,震撼了我内心!欲参与救援的念头,异常强烈。我真希望能为灾民献出一份力,拯救并将他们的亲人带返身边,抚慰其悲恸的心灵。 图片 1: 无助的母亲救孩子此次灾难中,令我印象最深刻的莫过于白衣天使的敬业精神。护士们各自怀抱着可爱的婴儿,一一逃出快要崩塌的医院大楼。面临危难之际,她们毫不畏惧,舍身呵护,依然细心看顾宝宝们,把伤害降到最低。我在此为她们无私的爱向她们致敬! 图片 2: 庆幸的宝宝图片 3: 敬业的护士 (一)图片 4: 敬业的护士 (二)纵然此次灾害,带来了严重性的破坏、损失与无尽伤痛,但与此同时全世界人们的心相互联系在一起,团结一致。大家不分肤色、不分种族及宗教信仰,齐心协力伸出援手抢救受难者。世界各国,如美国与德国也提供支援部队抵灾区援救;海外华侨纷纷筹款赈灾等等之表现,无不值得赞扬。而这些正是我们所期望看见的一颗炽热的爱心。 中国总理温家宝对施救部队和灾难者所说的话让我非常感动。


是的,活着便是希望! 令人鼓舞的是,中国联想同事聚集了一支团队,设立危机处理组,时时刻刻跟进此次灾害的最新消息。尽管目前为止并无任何职员直接受影响,但是,我们想为亲朋戚友和灾区的罹难者付出一分力量的心始终不变。正如 Reid Walter 在他部落格文章《联想对中国地震的回应》提到的,联想无时无刻与你同在。联想在适当时期将竭尽所能,协力帮助四川人民,以保障他们的安全。 四川的朋友,我愿为你祈祷。请求上帝怜悯,帮助他们度过难关。在此,由衷期盼罹难人数不再攀升! 更多相关资料: