Please Pull The Pin


I'm sure everyone has seen those cliche complaint department signs that ask you to take a number so that your displeasure can be registered, heard, and acted upon by the appropriate corporate complaint owner. Just to be funny, the number is connected to the pin of a simulated hand grenade. I can certainly sympathize with the concept, nobody really wants to deal with bad news for a career. There isn't much of a wait, unfortunately, at the happy line. I think it's fairly safe to say that happy customers have a tendency to be much less vocal than the disgruntled. Oddly enough, I have a complaint that just won't go away that also involves a pin. All ThinkVision monitors, that include height adjustment, ship with a small blue pin that disables the useful feature for shipment. This is important because collapsing the height adjustment allows the carton to be much smaller and far less expensive to ship. We also need to secure the monitor in the lowest position so that when you pull it out of the package it doesn't unexpectedly sproing into the fully extended mode. This would be a surprise that no customer would want. My complaint is that I often see our monitors installed with the shipping pin still in place. This means someone paid more money for the ergonomic feature and the ultimate user isn't aware that their monitor adjusts. In the field we have even seen these monitors placed on phonebooks to raise the viewing height. That's right, with the shipping pin still in place. It just kills me.  

Sadly, the monitor in the Lenovo lobby still has the pin securly in place

We've tried everything to fix this problem. There is a special section in the wordless set up poster showing how to pull the pin. We changed the pin color from black to  bright blue to draw more attention to the culprit. We changed the shape to be easier to pull. Nothing seems to work. We have discussed adding the word "pull", but in what language? How about a big arrow shape? We thought of blocking the power connector with the pin, but the power connectors are never in the same place twice. Nothing is easy.

Step 2 shows how removing the pin enables movement

We changed the pin to bright blue to improve awareness. Did it work? 

We haven't given up on solving this problem, but in the meantime, please pull the pin. It will make all of us happier. I for one, will be pulling the pin on the monitor in the Lenovo lobby tomorrow morning.

David Hill