Pins, Pull Starters, and Ribbons

I immediately know what needs to be pulled on this one

My last blog, about pulling the pin, certainly generated lots of interest and ideas on how to solve the monitor set-up problem.  It's great so many people share my passion for solving these kinds of design dilemmas.  After sorting through the comments, I asked my team to study alternate pin ideas. We would base the designs on the feedback from my blog, and any other source of appropriate inspiration. I'm determined to fix this once and for all. I just can't stand seeing another monitor with clipped wings. The two most important themes from blog comments centered around the following :1. Make the pin ridiculous looking so that it doesn't blend into the monitor2. Make the pin highly visible from the front Using these themes, we went to work making sketches of ideas that would fill the bill. As with any brainstorming exercise, there were lots of ideas. Many of them were quite funny. We had ideas for pins that were molded to look like a daisy, a lucky 4 leaf clover, a miniature hand, and even a striped neck tie. One of my favorites was designed to be an actual molded plastic fork. When removed, it could be used as an ordinary eating utensil.  The fork concept had a nice environmental respect angle, but I'm not sure everyone would see it, or pull it out.


This one clearly passes the "make look ridiculous" test

Of the nearly 50 ideas we generated, the two best candidates are what we nicknamed  the "pull starter" and the "remove before flight" ribbon. I think both are spot on in terms of  passing the two most important criteria we established. The "pull starter" is a combination of several ideas. I like to think of it as a life jacket, lawn mower, and silly straw mutation. The pull handle shape is right off an inflatable life jacket. The "remove before flight " ribbon concept clearly has a military heritage. We're thinking it would be printed with arrows indicating the need, and direction to pull the pin.

A complex wiggly shape positions the plastic "pull starter" feature where it can't be missed  

The "remove before flight" ribbon dangles from a boom where it can be seen from the front

In the spirit of collecting feedback on this topic, I decided to add a quick poll for my readers to cast a vote for their favorite soloution. Thanks for all the feedback on this important topic. I think we have some good ideas. 

David Hill