Passing on the Baton 2

A message from Akira Fukushima

This is Akira Fukushima, the new head of ThinkPad development Yamato Labs since August of this year. Due to this change, I have the honor of taking over the important role of owner of the official blog from Sohichi Yokota.

I've been involved in ThinkPad development for many years, and after spending a little over two years on assignment in China, I learned the importance of providing new value to customers swiftly in the rapidly-evolving IT environment. I'd like to see Yamato come up with features and products that our customers want to use in a timely fashion.

This is one of the reasons why I'd like to make active use of this blog to send out information, so we can receive feedback directly from our customers. I look forward to hearing all of your requests and opinions regarding ThinkPad. I hope you will continue to support ThinkPad and this blog in the years to come.


A message from Sohichi Yokota

Thank you for your continued interest in Lenovo products. We greatly appreciate you sharing your valued thoughts and words of encouragement on this blog.

With the rapid spread of smartphones and tablets, and the arrival of a variety of convertible PCs, every day I truly get a sense that we are right in the midst of the greatest turning point since the dawn of the PC industry.

I served as head of the Japanese development teams at both Yamato Labs and the NEC PC development from the second half of last year. However, Mr. Fukushima took over my post as head of Yamato Labs after he returned from China in August. I have taken this opportunity to hand over the blog to him.

Our development teams will pull together and continue to take on new challenges, so we can provide a more advanced user experience to our customers under the banner of "PC+". I hope we will continue to enjoy your support.