P Series fuels up for SEG 2014, the world’s premier Oil & Gas Geosciences event!!

Well it has been nearly two months since Lenovo announced its new line of P Series ThinkStation workstations at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver, and the overwhelming response from the industry has been...WOW! Well, the Lenovo Workstation team shows no signs of slowing down as they steam roll ahead to SEG 2014.

For those of you who may not know much about SEG, I’ll help by giving you some background on the event. Since 1930, the Society of Exploration Geophysics has brought together the very best in commercial scientific practices, academic research, and new technology to help drive innovation and efficiencies in oil & gas exploration and near surface geosciences. Each year the annual event draws nearly 35,000 commercial and academic professionals, from over 350 leading companies, government agencies, and educational and research institutions to participate in the extensive technical program, conference and technology exhibit. 

As technology and industry leaders, we at Lenovo are very proud to be part of this year’s exhibition and, as you might expect, we have a TON of great exciting technologies to show off to show goers and attendees.

So what exactly does Lenovo have planned for SEG, you might ask?  The answers is of course, lots, and lots, and wait for it…LOTS, of ThinkStation P series. That’s right, attendees at the event will actually get an opportunity to get hands on with the entire P Series line up, the ThinkStation P300, P500, P700 and P900, running the very latest exploration software from Halliburton | Landmark.  In addition to a virtual buffet of P Series, show goers can munch on all the latest and greatest NVIDIA visualization and compute technologies, including the much anticipated and recently released K2200, K4200, and K5200 Quadro cards. But wait, there is so much more! We have not even mentioned mobility yet.  In addition to the P Series, we will be showcasing more industry leading ThinkPad technologies, including the recently released W540, ThinkPad Yoga, ThinkPad Helix, and ThinkPad Carbon, packing the latest and greatest Intel processing and integrated graphics technologies.

As if the ThinkStation P Series and ThinkPad W Series weren’t enough excitement for one show, for the very first time, Lenovo’s newly acquired System x server solutions and recently released ThinkServer RD650 server platform will be on exhibit! Lenovo now has the largest x86 product portfolio in the industry to meet customer needs in all segments and price points. This is huge. We can work with the smallest of businesses to the largest of data centers. We hope our customers are as excited as we are about this. We’re also the only technology company that offers everything from phones, to tablets, to PCs, to servers and solutions. This provides a unified experience for our customers.

So yes, indeed, this year’s exhibition and conference offers a thrilling opportunity to experience the latest next generation Lenovo Workstations, mobile solutions and server technologies, which all set new precedents in performance, scalability and reliability.

We hope you will join us October 26th-31st at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, at SEG booth #1452, to experience the excitement for yourself!