OYW Delegate: Sarah Jane Wheeler

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Name: Sarah Jane Wheeler

Job Title: Think Software User Interface Designer

Hometown: Orange Park, Florida, USA

What I Do? 

I'm a User Interface Designer for the User Experience and Design team. I work on Lenovo's software applications. I mock up apps, create wireframes, discuss user stories, define ideal user experience, and create User Interface specifications. I am also part of the Virtual Design Team. This team includes designers from within Lenovo’s different Geos where we collaborate on various global design projects. The most recent project was the creation of the Software Illustration Library to be used across all software within Lenovo.

Places I’ve Gone?

As an individual that has had the travel bug since childhood, my list of travel destinations is not nearly as long as I would like it be! During my time in Japan, I was able to travel throughout the beautiful country that I was fortunate enough to call home. From there I got to visit South Korea and my mom’s hometown of Manila, Philippines, which to this day, was the biggest eye opening experience. In college I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy, one of the most breathtaking cities I’ve EVER been to. During my summer abroad I was able to travel up and down the Italian coast. Last year my husband and I took  two weeks off work and had a mini Eurotrip. We were able to visit London, Edinburgh, Munich, Austria, Venice, and Ljubljana. It was hands down the best vacation we’ve ever had together. Just this year I got to add Bermuda and the Virgin Islands to my list, and soon Dublin!

My Best Day @ Lenovo?

I’ve had so many amazing days at Lenovo that it’s hard to keep track, but honestly, my best day at Lenovo has to be my first day here almost 3 years ago. It was the most impactful. I came here from a job with an extremely strict work environment where I felt like I was trapped and drowning. On my first day I was given a tour of the campus and I was blown away. The campus was beautiful and full of light, everyone was so friendly and accommodating and my new team was made up of the sweetest and funniest ladies I’ve ever met. Instead of being micromanaged, I was encouraged, and trusted, and pushed to expand my horizons. Since that first day, I’ve never looked back and I’m just thankful for how this company has helped me grow, not only as a professional designer, but as an individual.

Why I am excited to be an OYW Delegate?

I’m excited to be a delegate because it’s an opportunity to represent the company that has done so much for me. I want to be able to spread the word on the great things that Lenovo is doing, how the company will only continue to grow and create innovative products. On top of that, I get to network with young professionals from all over the world. It’s a traveler’s dream! I get to meet people from all different countries and make lasting connections and friendships. Also, I finally have an opportunity where I can potentially help make a difference. A difference that has a lasting positive effect on the world. I’ll be given the chance to collaborate with hundreds of individuals from all over the world on global issues. It’s just another way Lenovo has given me the opportunities to expand my horizons.

My Passions?

One of my biggest passions stems from a trip I took as a child. My mother's side of the family is from the Philippines and I was fortunate enough to visit. This experience was truly eye-opening, which created my initial desire to help out the less fortunate. As a child, I never understood why their toilets didn't flush, why they did not have hot water, and why windows and doors were just holes in the concrete. I didn't understand why my mother grew up in a much different type of home and lifestyle than I did growing up in a simple military household. Now that I'm older, I understand the complications. Since that trip to my mom’s homeland, I’ve always had this urge to assist the less fortunate.

My other passion is travelling. This passion also stemmed from my experiences as a child growing up as a full fledged military brat, which by definition meant I had a new place to call home every 3 years. There’s something about experiencing something completely new, in a new environment, with new people, speaking a different language that is downright exhilarating. I can go on and on about how much I love it, so simply put, I can NEVER travel too much.

Somewhat parallel with my passion for traveling, is my passion for food. I’m sure everyone has heard (and is annoyed) by the term ‘Foodie’, but by all intents and purposes, I’m a foodie. I love food. I will literally try everything and anything once. That doesn’t mean that I necessarily LIKE everything, though. Nothing triggers my happy dance quicker than a new Sunday Brunch find. I’ve also recently discovered how much I enjoy cooking. I’m not really a go by the recipe kind of girl, but more of a “I think these ingredients would taste awesome together, let’s experiment!”.

Fun Facts?

  1. Because my dad was a Marine, I grew up in Japan and didn't move to the US until I was 16.  I moved to the states thinking it was normal for people to pick and move every 3 years.
  2. My first internship in college was with the Charlotte Bobcats, so I could technically call Michael Jordan my boss for a year.
  3. I learned to drive a stick shift car when I was 12 years old with my dad’s 1977 right hand side Land Cruiser.  My dad thought it was a good idea to teach us alongside a river in Japan. Needless to say, I almost drove into the river multiple times.

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