OYW Delegate: Rahul Jain

Get to know our One Young World Delegates!

Name: Rahul Jain

Job Title: Marketing Services Manager

Hometown: Bangalore, India

What I Do?

I am a part of the Global Brand Communications Team, handling Global Launch Support and Geo Alignment.

Places I’ve Gone?

Spain, South Africa, Nepal, Different places across India.

My Best Day @ Lenovo?

The day our team went for a workshop and we got to know each other personally. This made us understand each other beyond work and in turn strengthened the entire team.

Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate?

Apart from representing Lenovo at OYW, it is an incredible opportunity for me to meet people from diverse backgrounds and a chance to hear world class keynote speakers. Together we can work towards bringing positive change and making a difference in the world we live in.

My Passions?

Travelling and Acting.

Fun Facts?

  1. I had a small role in one of the biggest movies in India.
  2. I used to have an Afro.
  3. I have a black belt in Karate.