OYW Delegate: Lindsey Greathouse

Get to know our One Young World Delegates!

Name: Lindsey Greathouse

Job Title: NA Email Program Manager

Hometown: Darnestown, MD, USA

What I Do?

I talk to customers and build relationships through our consumer email program. Specifically, I plan and write content, determine send and segmentation strategy, analyze and report results, and look for new and engaging ways to add value to our customers’ experience with Lenovo.

Places I’ve Gone?

To bed; Too far; Fishin’; Home.

My Best Day @ Lenovo?

National Donut Day

Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate?

I’m excited to learn more about how my peers are adding value in small and big ways around the world. I’m even more excited to work with the other Lenovo Delegates to see how we can use what we learn to positively impact our families, communities, and company.

My Passions?

My family; Cured meats; A dog named Stevie; Setting goals; Jim Dale narrated audio books; People; Puns.

Fun Facts?

  1. I was originally named London.
  2. I once saved a beached shark.
  3. I once threw machetes to a juggling unicyclist in a circus.

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