OYW Delegate: Jimmy Hui GUO

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Name: Jimmy Hui GUO

Job Title: Service Staff Engineer

Hometown: Hefei, China

What I Do?

Service Business Analysis and IT Project Implementation

Places I’ve Gone?

I have been to several places around the world. UK: London, Manchester. US: Raleigh, Washington, New York. Germany: Dusseldorf, Essen. Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukui. Thailand: Phuket. Indonesia: Bali. 

My Best Day @ Lenovo?

My best day at Lenovo was when I won the CIO award in 2013. Praise from a senior executive is great, but this award was not only for me, but also for the whole team. Having the same goal and working hard made it happen. I am very thankful to my manager and team.

Why I am excited to be an OYW Delegate?

One Young World is the preeminent global forum for young leaders aged 18-30 and gathers the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. In this summit, I can learn new ideas from famous people which will encourage me to drive positive changes in my country. I can also get to meet young leaders from all over the world and learn from each other while fostering our friendship.

My Passions?


Fun Facts?

  1. I do not like the Billboard Top Music as my morning alarm is tuned to it.
  2. I like cooking, but do not have much time to do so.
  3. I am the best badminton player in my family.

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