OYW Delegate: Brandi Einhorn

Get to know our One Young World Delegates!

Name: Brandi Einhorn

Job Title: ThinkServer WW Outbound Marketing Launch Manager

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

What I Do?

Change the world, one deliverable at a time. In all seriousness, I work on a great team creating collateral that educates our sales teams and raises awareness for our next-gen ThinkServer products.

Places I’ve Gone?

I studied abroad in Canterbury, England and during this time I had the opportunity to explore France, Poland, and the Christmas markets in Germany and Belgium. This only fueled my love for travel. Since then, I have honeymooned in Ireland, took a Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome, and also tried to visit a few more states in my home country USA.

My Best Day @ Lenovo?

The day I received a standing ovation from a customer. It was one of my first customer presentations when I worked on the Think Accessories team. I do not want this to sound pompous, but it was a proud moment for me!

Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate?

I believe that we need to hold on to our passions and recognize our strengths to help fuel our workplace environment. My passion and strength is communication. We all know that there is always room for improvement in this category. So I ask myself, how can I take my strong com background to make positive changes on my team? I start there and with OYW I can take it even further.

My Passions?

Firstly, I am passionate about my family. I have a husband who is ultra supportive, a beautiful baby girl who inspires me to enjoy every moment, and a giant dog who loves unconditionally. I am also passionate about communication. How can we break down barriers across the globe or on a smaller scale, how do we decide who does dishes tonight?

Fun Facts?

  1. I was once in a county fair commercial back when I worked for the Erie County Fairgrounds in NY – thankfully it hasn’t been played in years.
  2. Actually before I worked at a fair (maybe this was a sign), a family friend, who happened to go by Zippity the Clown, made my prom dress.
  3. I took a radio course when I was studying in England and I walked around Canterbury asking questions about pick up lines for a feature I was working on.

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