Lenovo Channel Partner Erik Boswell was a digital native before it was even cool to be one. That probably explains why when he’s “out of the office”, he just means he’s working from his mobile workstation. By which we mean a Wi-Fi enabled ThinkPad X1 Carbon, in his passenger’s seat. Yeah, we needed a minute to process that awesomeness too. 

Don’t worry, Boswell only plugs in when his car is parked. Born into a family that’s owned a typewriter dealership since 1952, Boswell has always been savvy with sales. Before he meets with his clients, Boswell hops on his ThinkPad to do some background research and pull up the latest Lenovo Partner Network Rebates.

The aptitude for technology runs in Boswell’s family. In the 1980s, his father transitioned the family business from selling typewriters to selling digital copiers and eventually PCs. Since research comes easy to Boswell, he was able to convince his colleagues at the same company, Mid-City Office Systems, Inc., to begin selling Lenovo products. He scoped out many PC channel partners before settling into a long-term relationship with Lenovo. 

“We tested the waters with many PC companies when we were trying to find a home in the channel market. Ultimately, we found one in Lenovo.”

Boswell loves that his company has a quality relationship with Lenovo and he chats with his partner representative multiple times a day. He says, “I make a simple phone call and my rep is going to bat for us.” Boswell is also pretty excited about Lenovo’s latest products. “The technological advances that Lenovo has made aren’t just flashy. They’re also solving the problem of how to improve any business workflow.”

We’d say that excitement definitely shows since Boswell’s company beat their previous year’s sales by this past August. Also, the photos below may have tipped us off on his excitement.