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Will Moss, a PR pro in China, has long been one of our favorite China bloggers at Imagethief. He also blogs at CNET. He had some nice things to say about us today.

"Lenovo is beginning to acquire an aura of--dare I say it?--sexiness."

Other external discussion about us:

Ed Moltzen, blogging at CRN, picked up on our TrackPoint poll:

"If you listen to or read PC executives lately, you'll likely hear them talk more and more about the importance of design. It's as if they believe the "killer design" is replacing the "killer app" as a key differentiator in the marketplace."

And the faithful at Thinkpads.com are discussing Design Matters.

"I read through the entries last night as well as some of the blogs linked to it and am quite impressed with what I've seen so far. Finally, it appears that a company "gets" it (and that the TrackPoint is safe!)! I hope the awareness shown in the blog entries is spreading throughout Lenovo and am eager to see what comes in the future."

Thanks to all. Keep your comments coming.

David Churbuck