Order from Chaos with ThinkPad In-Ear Headphones

If you travel a lot, you probably have several things in your bag that pretty much accomplish the same task: Let you listen, let you talk or both. Not too long ago, I emptied my carrying case, and came up with these:

The buds that came with my iPod, the corded earpiece with a microphone for my mobile phone and the two-prong headset I used for VOIP calls and WebEx sessions. Lenovo recently introduced a new product that not only allows me to carry a single set of buds for everything, but gives me terrific sound quality and an attractive price. They are called the "ThinkPad In-Ear Headphones" and you not only get a great companion for your ThinkPad for VOIP calls or a WebEx (using either dual 3.5mm jacks or the 3.5mm single jack standard that is now appearing on PC's), you get a set of in-ear headphones that fit the same 3.5mm industry standard jack for your MP3 player. Lastly, they work in my cell phone, too. The microphone is well-placed and the in-ear design gives high quality sound while blocking out much of the noise of the coffee shop, the plane or my kids (the same ones who used make arcane macrame art from all those old headsets).

The best part is the price - all that flexibility comes for less than $20 (USD) and in a handy little pouch that takes up very little room in my bag and makes a little order of the chaos. I'm a fan of anything that can accomplish that!