Opal – More than a Semi-Precious Stone

Clain Anderson is Lenovo’s residential security expert with nearly 30 years of experience in bringing new software and security products and technologies to the marketplace. Oh, did we mention he’s also a Certified Public Accountant, and can play the bassoon and flute? You may not care about Opal as a semi-precious stone, but the Opal standard for self-encrypting hard drives could be a real star in your IT security policy, especially if you’re an organization dealing with sensitive data like in government, the financial industry and healthcare.

Opal is a standard for managing self-encrypting hard drives released by the Trusted Computing Group about a year ago. The security and performance advantages of self-encrypting drives versus software encryption have been understood for a while, but until the Opal standard we had no standard offering to remotely manage the keys for these drives. So we’re seeing real clarity in the security landscape with Opal drives hitting the market now – and the price, performance and security aspects look great. Every Opal self-encrypting drive needs software to remotely manage the encryption keys because otherwise the drive simply functions as a standard hard drive. Knowing this, we evaluated all of the Opal solutions available and worked with WinMagic to create our own specialized solution called SecureDoc for Lenovo.  

SecureDoc for Lenovo This unique solution provides a flexible software encryption so it can fit in virtually any environment, regardless of your PC fleet’s age. It manages Opal encryption for any PC with an Opal drive as well as Lenovo’s Hardware Password Manager for Think-branded PCs that use any self-encrypting drive, including Opal drives. We also made sure we made it fully compatible with our Rescue and Recovery tool and the ThinkPad UPEK fingerprint reader. Stop By at RSA We’re at the RSA show this week in San Francisco, so if you’re in the Bay Area, come visit us at Booth #839 and see the demo of SecureDoc. Here are a few photos from our booth:

For those of us wrestling with IT security alligators, Opal drives and SecureDoc for Lenovo provide an outstanding and unique solution:

  • faster performance than software encryption.
  • higher security due to resistance to software attack vectors.
  • the flexibility to provide the best data security possible given the hardware capabilities of each PC platform.

That makes it a jewel worth looking at!