Onsite Accidental Damage Protection Services

In the past, you may have been frustrated when filing an Accidental Damage Protection claim only to find that your Onsite Warranty service level didn’t extend to your ADP coverage.  You’d have to ship your laptop to the Depot Service Center to complete the repair and live without it for a couple of days.   Never a fun thing when your life is your PC.  Lo’ and behold, we listened!!  Starting December 1, 2013, ADP service level has been updated to match your base warranty service level for common repairs like LCD and non-customer replaceable keyboards.*    


I know what you’re thinking; why not everything?  Ughhh!  Well, here’s the skinny.  Many customers prefer to get their laptop up and running as quickly as possible from accidental damage, so Lenovo developed Technician Onsite ADP repair for those who prefer this level of service.  For instance, let’s say you dropped your laptop and the LCD cracked, or you spilled coffee on your keyboard and the keyboard no longer works.  For these cases, when the repair is simple and the Call Center can determine the extent of damage and what parts are required with high confidence, then Lenovo will offer Onsite service to that customer if he/she has Onsite warranty coverage. 


But, honestly, most Accidental Damage claims are much more complex.  If your laptop won’t boot normally, your screen is blank, or software is not loading properly, the Call Center has no way to determine the extent of the damage or the parts required for a successful Onsite repair.  So, if we send a Technician to your home or office we likely couldn’t complete the repair on the first visit anyway, and would need to ship the laptop back to the Depot.  We want to ensure we provide the highest quality service and complete the repair to your satisfaction.


Ultimately, the Depot Service Center is the best place for Lenovo to repair accidental damage.  There, we have advanced diagnostic equipment that can determine the exact extent of your damage.  In addition, we have all the parts in-stock at the Depot, so we can get your laptop up and running as quickly as possible.  We can’t fit that many parts on the Onsite Technician’s truck every day.


So, next Lenovo laptop you purchase, consider the ADP option with onsite.  You’ll have the best of both worlds!  For more information on this and other Lenovo Services visit www.Lenovo.com/services.



*Onsite service level available in select regions.  For systems purchased December 1st or later.  If we cannot complete the repair at the first On-Site visit, then the system will be shipped to Lenovo's Service Center to complete the repair."