One Young World: Spitballing With Cher & Kofi Annan

Not many events can bring together a heavy metal singer, a former UN Secretary-General and—um—Cher but that’s exactly what’s happening this week in Canada. The seventh annual One Young World conference kicks off September 28 in Ottawa and Lenovo will be there.

A formidable 1,300 young leaders from 196 countries will meet, exchange ideas and bask in the collective wisdom of esteemed world leaders, CEOs, filmmakers and Olympic gold medalists. Among those in attendance: Kofi Annan, Sir Bob Geldof and Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. (Turns out he’s also a successful entrepreneur and humanitarian.)

Lenovo will be sending its own impressive delegation. Twenty of our brightest young employees (from the group “Lenovo United”) will make the trip from seven countries of origin: the UK, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, China and the United States. Keep an eye on our social media handles this week for more out of Ottawa.

“As a global company,” says CMO David Roman, “Lenovo has the responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. Our young leaders in Lenovo United are committed to finding opportunities to use our innovations and people to make a difference. Attending events like One Young World gives us a chance to find ways to transform the world into something better.”

Lenovo Human Resources SVP Gina Qiao echoes the sentiment. “I regard One Young World as one of the most prestigious platforms for emerging leaders. They will come together from across the world to generate creative ideas and feasible actions, empowering innovative companies like Lenovo to be involved and commit to finding solutions to the pressing issues facing our world.”

We asked some of the Lenovo delegates what they were most looking forward to as they get ready to hit the ground running in Ottawa.

I will be looking for insights as to how our computing devices might be able to help solve issues with the environment and energy and what innovations we can drive in those areas.
-- Yasumichi Tsukamoto, Japan

Being a designer, I'm interested in learning more about alternative energy products and solutions.

--Ali Ent, USA

By the time I leave Ottawa, I hope to better understand how young leaders are shaping corporations, NGOs and governmental institutions for the future.

--Marcelo Peviani, Brazil

I am excited to learn how young leaders from each of the countries view the current and future global economy and business.

--Natalie Yang, China

I hope to gain a better understanding of what we—Lenovo & Lenovo United—can do to create greater unity within the company and improve perception, both with employees and customers by making a positive contribution to the world. I also can’t wait to be inspired by the great things other young people are doing.

--Kyron Whitfield, USA

I’m hoping to attend sessions on peace and global security. There is so much unrest in the world, I'd love to discuss how we can change things.

--Kailey Meyer, USA

I am hoping to better understand trends in global culture, economics and politics. I also want to learn from young leaders of other enterprises.

--Edwin Duan, China

I’m most interested in discussing gender equality, human rights and LGBT issues at OYW. I feel like these areas apply the most to our Lenovo culture and how we want to be inclusive to all.

--Jenny Kefgen, USA

I think the issues of energy and the environment are the most critical to our life and to our future generations. We need to rethink the way we design products that can be made to be made again with renewable energy.

--Nancy Guo, China

I hope to be inspired by the wider conversations going on in Ottawa and by seeing young people coming together to solve them.

--Tom Nixon, UK