OK You’re Cool, but Can You Prove it?

We’ve all seen it before; companies touting their product as the coolest on the market, but only a rare few can back up their claims with third-party substantiation. Well, as any loyal product manager would, I’ve been touting the greatness our Lenovo Storage S2200 product since its announcement last summer. In a prior blog, one of my coworkers walked you through all the cool features and functions that this product brings to the market and how easy it is to use. I’ve listed some of these features below.

  • Intelligent Real Time Tiering that moves data every five seconds to give you near all-flash performance at a fraction of the cost (see our blog on this topic).
  • Seamless integration into your existing network.
  • The flexibility to use the protocol of your choice (iSCSI or Fibre Channel).
  • The ability to support a variety of applications, ranging from general purpose, web serving and data management/analytics that require high IOPs, to video surveillance and streaming workloads that need high throughput.
  • An intuitive GUI that makes it easy to manage the infrastructure and provides advanced features at no extra charge.

Cool right? I think so; however, without a third party validating claims, does all the hype mean anything? Now, you can take someone else’s word for it. CRN Tech has given the Lenovo Storage S2200 a nod as one of the top-10 coolest servers of 2015. According to CRN Tech, they “…combed through the latest and greatest offerings from the major storage superstars to find the top-10 servers of 2015.” Like a proud parent, I’m excited my baby made the list! Since its announcement, our team has been saying that this product was awesome and that every small or mid-sized business should look at it. It’s nice to see that others agree on its “superstar” status!

So, what’s the bottom line? Definitely check out the Lenovo Storage S2200 SAN solution. Its functionality sets it apart from the competition and its price makes it accessible to businesses and budgets of all sizes. And don’t forget to also check out the Lenovo Storage S3200. It’s similar to the S2200 but with higher performance.